About Us

Veritas Biblical Counseling exists to bring gospel-centered Biblical Counseling to those who seek care, train future biblical counselors, and equip current counselors.

Gospel-Centered Biblical Counseling

Most problems that people encounter in life have both root issues and fruit issues.  The fruit issues are what you see.  It is the anger, the cheating, the undisciplined life, etc.  This is why most people seek care: because these fruit issues are damaging to the individual's life and damaging to the lives of others.  What we see as a problem (lying, stealing, anger, pornography) is not the real problem; it is a symptom of the real problem. There is a problem to deal with deeper down in our tree of life. That something has caused our fruit to be bad. We must address the root system because that is where the problem that we see truly begins. We need to deal with our anger, stealing, or depression by attacking the real causes (roots) in a biblical manner. We have to deal with the heart of our problem in order to overcome it.  That is what Veritas Biblical Counseling offers - experienced biblical counselors aiming for the heart in order to bring about long-lasting, God-honoring change.

Biblical Counseling Training

The National Association of Nouthetic Counselors (NANC) is a fellowship of Christian pastors and laymen who have banded together to promote excellence in biblical counseling.  NANC is first and foremost a certifying organization. The certifying process is rigorous but attainable by even the busiest pastor. The process consists of the completion of an approved training course, the completion of both a theological and a practical counseling test, several references, and a minimum of 50 hours of supervised counseling experience. 

Veritas Biblical Counseling offers help for those who are going through the certificaiton.  Eric Kuykendall has helped dozens of individuals make their way through the theological and counseling tests.  He offers himself as a "coach" to guide individuals through the certifciation process - and in particular, through the rigorous and challenging written exams.

Equipping Biblical Counselors

Veritas Biblical Counseling seeks to be a place where trained biblical counselors can come together and receive encouragement and continued education.  This "arm" of Veritas Biblical Counseling is still being developed.