NANC Certification Help

It is no secret that getting certified as a NANC Biblical Counselor is hard work.  It is designed to be rigorous and increase your effectiveness in ministering God’s Word to hurting people.

The theological and counselors exam are notoriously difficult.  Many people get stuck making their way through the tests.  There are many reasons why this happen (lack of support, time, resources, encouragement).  

NANC certified counselor Eric Kuykendall offers himself as a "coach" to individuals through Phase 2 of the NANC certification.



Two Coaching Packages

Dedicated Coach - get these exams completed in a timely manner with the best support available  $250


  • Help and guidance for each question on the two exams
  • Encouragement and Accountability
  • Two phone calls per month for one year

Coach on Retainer - if you are resourceful and self-disciplined, but need help on a handful of questions.  $50


  • Help and guidance for up to 10 questions total

Contact Eric  Kuykendall  if you are interested in either of the two packages above.