Personal Data Inventory - everyone who desires Biblical Counseling must fill out this form.  

All individuals receiving counseling will be asked to sign off that they understand and agree to the following:


The care you receive from Veritas Biblical Counseling is from a biblical perspective. We do not provide psychotherapy or psychiatric treatment. All biblical counseling sessions are base on two premises: 
1. God’s Word, the Bible, has the answers for life’s issues and problems.
2. The person is attending each session by personal choice and not coercion.
Adults: What is discussed in Biblical counseling sessions is confidential unless you give consent to its release with two exceptions: (1) I will need and am compelled by law, to inform an appropriate other person(s) if I hear and believe that you are in danger of hurting yourself or someone else and (2) If there is reasonable suspicion that a child has been abused.   
Children: Discussion held in biblical discipleship sessions is strictly confidential with three exceptions: (1) If I think you are going to hurt yourself; (2) If I think you are going to hurt someone else and (3); If I think someone, including your parents, is hurting you. If any of these things occur, I will need to try to get additional help for you.
Note: Be aware that any information disclosed regarding child abuse, suicide, homicide, and threat of homicide are matters that must be reported by law if they are suspected.
Homework: The path to change is not a “flip of the switch”.  It takes time and effort.  You will be assigned tasks to complete in between counseling sessions.  You are expected to complete each assignment in full and on time.  
Cost: There is no charge for the counseling you will receive.  You will be asked to bring a check for $50 with you to the first session.  If you do not show up for an appointment without notifying at least 2 hours in advance, the check will be deposited and another $50 check will be put on hold.