What is Gospel-Centered Biblical Counseling?

08/02/2012 23:07


"Gospel-centered counseling seeks to answer the questions, 'What is wrong with us?' and 'What can be done to help?' by intentionally applying Scripture in a balanced way, recognizing both what the gospel declares about us and what it demands of us. Counseling that neglects the Scriptures when seeking to answer these questions always eventuates in a bloated self-opinion and an enslaving and futile self-focus. Counseling that neglects what the gospel says about us will eventuate in works-righteousness and its ultimate and inescapable fruit, either pride or despair, or a vacillation between the two. Counseling that neglects the obligation forced on us by the gospel always eventuates in complacent laziness, excuse-making, and loose... gospel-centered counseling...applies both gospel declarations and obligations to every problem we encounter." -- Elyse Fitzpatrick, "Counsel from the Cross", pp. 91-93